Best Camping Blankets of 2022

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Camping requires you to stay outdoors for days and nights at a time. To enjoy your adventure, you need as much comfort as you’d have at home. For this to happen, you should include a good camping blanket in your cache of gear and supplies. A blanket is one of the most important items to accompany you into the great outdoors. Just as you use blankets to provide you with comfort at home, camping blankets provide you with warmth and comfort in cold weather conditions. Most of these blankets feature insulation to ensure that you enjoy sufficient warmth. Choosing the best camping blanket for your needs can be a difficult task due to the many options available. These reviews will help you make a reliable choice.

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Best Overall Camping Blanket

1. Voited Ripstop Outdoor Insulated Camping Blanket

VOITED Outdoor Camping Blanket Insulated Water ResistantFabric: Recycled Ripstop Repreve
Weight: 2 lbs.
Dimensions: 54 x 80 Inches

Nothing beats the Voited camping blanket in providing usage versatility. This blanket functions three ways as a sleeping sack, pillow, and wraparound poncho for camping. It is an ideal choice for backpacking, picnics, and hiking thanks to its lightweight quality and packs down to a compact, portable size.

You can use this blanket in extreme weather because it features a recycled, ripstop fabric with 3D synthetic Featherlight fiber insulation. This guarantees a cozy experience and equips it to serve you for years to come. If you prefer, you can choose a large insulated size that sleeps two adults and folds down to a pillow with a +13 C / +55 F warmth rating.

The Teflon Eco-Elite coating on the fabric repels water on the surface and prevents stains from forming. You can clean this blanket with a basic handwashing or a washing machine.

What we like:
Versatile. Lightweight design. Compact and portable design. High-quality and durable construction. Water-repellant.
What we don't:
Noisy upon movement.



Best Blanket For Backpacking

2. Horizon Hound Down Camping Blanket

Horizon Hound Down Camping Blanket Lightweight Compact Waterproof and WarmFabric: 20D Nylon Shell
Weight: 1,30 lbs.
Dimensions: 54 x 80 Inches

If weight is your primary concern, then the Horizon Hound-Down Camping Blanket is your ideal solution. It weighs less than 1 lb. when you pack it down. What’s more, it folds up into a compact size for easy portability on your trips. Regardless of its weight, this camping blanket will give you warmth in cold weather and serve well as your sleeping bag in the summer, too. In extreme weather, you can wrap it around your body and clip it together to form a poncho, which effectively retains your body heat.

This down camping blanket features a warm, durable, and tough 20D ripstop nylon. The fabric repels water and resists stains and damp odors. When its dirty, you clean it in a washing machine. You can enjoy this blanket while hiking, camping, or relaxing at home.

What we like:
Ultralightweight, Compact and extremely portable, reliable warmth, Versatile, Durable construction, Machine washable.
What we don't:
Cheap plastic buttons, not a winter blanket.



Best Budget Camping Blanket

3. Kelty Bestie Insulated Blanket for Camping

Kelty Bestie Outdoor Insulated Camping BlanketFabric: Polyester
Weight: 1 lbs.
Dimensions: 43 x 76 Inches

This Kelty camping blanket is appealing to the eye and affordable for your bank account, and it provides warmth you can rely on. You can use it as a blanket or a wraparound poncho during winter camping. If your camping involves backpacking activities, then this is the perfect blanket. It’s lightweight and packs down to a throw blanket size for easy transport. The handles on the stuff sack enhances portability.

This blanket features cloud loft insulation for superior warmth in the cold. The outer coating uses 75D polyester taffeta, which is wear-resistant and increases durability. The inner lining is soft and cozy, thanks to 190T poly pongee that provides long-lasting warmth.

What we like:
Beautiful design. Superbly warm. Versatile use. Lightweight and compact for easy transportation. Superior and durable construction. Water resistant. Comfortably soft interior.
What we don't:
Not fire retardant. Narrow as a poncho.



Best Wool Camping Blanket

4. Arcturus Heavy Wool Blanket

Arcturus Heavy Wool Warm Washable Blanket Great for CampingFabric: Wool
Weight: 4,50 lbs
Dimensions: 64 x 88 Inches

The affordable Arcturus wool blanket guarantees the warmest experience in the wild. It is heavy enough to provide sufficient warmth throughout winter camping, weighing 4.5 lbs. with a thickness of 550 GSM. The sides feature woven looms and hems, with lock stitching, to deliver long-lasting performance, whether at home or in the cold outdoors.

This blanket uses 80% wool fabric, which provides unmatched warmth, even when it’s wet. Wool is also a fire-retardant material that provides safety in the event of a fire. The remaining 20% of the fabric consists of hypoallergenic synthetic fibers that makes this blanket durable and washable. It sleeps two adults comfortable and works well in any situation, including extreme outdoor conditions.

What we like:
Affordable. Excellent warmth provision. High-quality and durable construction. Washable fabric.
What we don't:
Water absorbent.



Other Best Options

5. Snugpak Jungle Polyester Survival Blanket

SnugPak Jungle Polyester Camping BlanketFabric: Nylon
Weight: 1,50 lbs.
Dimensions: 64 x 76 Inches

The compact, lightweight Snugpak Jungle Blanket offers terrific backpacking convenience. It provides reliable warmth in cold outdoor temperatures and doubles as a wraparound poncho on days when weather gets colder than expected. Most campers use this blanket (esp. backpackers) due to its surprisingly lightweight nature (700 g), making it highly portable. When folded, it packs down to a small 6 in. x 6 in. sack.

This blanket features waterproof construction, which resists bacteria, reduces odors, and delivers long-lasting performance. What’s more, it shields you from strong winds. The fabric boasts a 36- to 45-degree temperature rating that ensures sufficient warmth. It features Travesoft insulation for unmatched coziness and comes at an affordable price.

What we like:
Compact design, lightweight, reliable warmth, versatile use, durable construction, waterproof, bacteria resistant, reduces odors, wind resistant.
What we don't:
Not suitable in winter.


6. Mambe Extreme Weather Waterproof/Windproof Outdoor Blanket

Mambe Extreme Weather %100 Waterproof and Windproof Outdoor Camping BlanketFabric: Polar
Weight: 4 lbs.
Dimensions: 54 x 84 Inches

Are you an adventurous camper looking for the perfect camping blanket to use in cold and snowy weather? Look no further than this camping blanket from Mambe. It packs all features necessary to give you warmth you can rely on in extreme weather. It features 100% waterproof fabric that prevents moisture penetration. What’s more, you will not feel the wind blowing heavily thanks to a windproof exterior.

This blanket features a thick, soft, genuine Polartec Classic 300 fleece fabric that provides premium comfort. It will keep you warm thanks to a radiant heat-reflective lining that helps the blanket retain your body heat. Choose from a variety of sizes and colors, and enjoy its easy, lightweight portability. It folds down into a sack for perfect storage convenience.

What we like:
High-quality fabric, extra warm, waterproof construction, wind resistant, comfortable, lightweight, portable, folds into a compact size.
What we don't:


7. Premium Life Genuine US Military Blanket

Premium Life Genuine US Military All Weather Poncho Liner Camping BlanketFabric: Nylon
Weight: 2 lbs.
Dimensions: 62 x 82 Inches

Camping in the wild deserves a touch of style, and this Premium Life Multi-Functional Blanket provides everything you need to stay warm. In addition to serving as a blanket that protects you from the cold, this blanket also functions as a sleeping bag in warmer conditions and may even serve as a playmat for children at home.

This genuine U.S military camping blanket features a combined 100% nylon and 100% polyester fabric that keeps you warm, even in extreme conditions. It also functions as a wraparound poncho with ties to hold it in place. It is a generous 82 in. x 62 in. size for use as a sleeping bag, with woodland camouflage pattern that completes the military look.

What we like:
Versatile, warm, generous size, beautiful design, sturdy construction.
What we don't:
Plenty of counterfeit options on the market.


8. Elevens 3-in-1 Battery Powered Heated Blanket

Battery Operated Heated Down Camping Blanket for Cold WeatherFabric: Nylon
Weight: 4.50 lbs
Dimensions: 54 x 80 Inches

This battery-operated blanket delivers unparalleled comfort. Without a doubt, it provides high-end performance with exceptional features, all for an affordable price. It offers an durable carbon heating system that allows for fast heating and adjustable settings. These features make it suitable for use in all seasons because you can set the heat to your preferred temperature. The battery requires 3-4 hours to reach full charge, with a running time of three hours at mid-setting and two hours on high.

It offers an LED flashlight to use in the dark and a power bank that charges your phones inside the tent. You can even use the power bank to jumpstart a dead batter in your vehicle! When the charge runs out, you can still use it for warmth thanks to its patented DU-pant insulation. The ripstop 20D nylon coating ensures reliable durable.

What we like:
Excellent warmth and comfort, durable, adjustable settings, plenty of features, all seasons use.
What we don't:
Short battery life.



best camping blankets



Camping Blanket Buying Guide

To aid your quest, we have complied six major factors to consider when choosing your camping blanket.

6 Things You Need to Know to Buy the Top Blanket

  1. Warmth

    The main reason for buying a camping blanket is to provide warmth in any weather. Therefore, you should look for the temperature rating of each blanket, which tells you the coldest temps in which it provides warmth. A blanket with the ability to decrease warmth levels in hot weather advantageous. This versatility enables you to use your blanket in cold and warm weather.

  2. Size

    It’s an awkward and uncomfortable feeling when you try to get warm, but your blanket only warms you partially because it only covers part of you. To prevent this problem, you should choose a larger size. If you choose one large enough, it may even accommodate more than one person.

  3. Material

    A blanket’s fabric determines several things. First, it determines how much warmth you will get relative to its weight. Wool blankets for camping offer warmth in extremely cold conditions, but they are heavy. Nylon and polyester blankets provide warmth in moderately cold weather, but you can add thermal features for extra warmth in some cases. The good thing about the latter fabric is that they have weatherproof characteristics.

    A blanket’s material also determines how long you will use the blanket. Ripstop blankets, for instance, are wear-resistant, providing you with long-lasting performance. Ideally, you should look for cost-effective camping blankets that guarantee durability, though the cheapest blankets will usually lack necessary features.

  4. Weight

    A blanket’s weight matters relative to the way that it will be transported to the campsite. Most models use lightweight, thermal materials for portability and convenience. These blankets fold down to a compact size, unlike their bulky counterparts. Lightweight qualities are less important if you will carry your blanket in your car. If you will carry it on a backpacking adventure, though, then lightweight qualities are required.

  5. Design

    Most styles of camping blankets offer multipurpose features. Therefore, choose one with the features and provide you with the best advantages. For instance, if you prefer flexibility for a variety of situations, then you may want to choose a blanket designed to function as a blanket, sleeping bag, and a pillow for camping. Evaluate your options and compare them to your situation. Then choose the options that are better suited to your needs.

  6. The Camping Period

    If you are planning on camping in winter, then a camping blanket is a crucial commodity to have. Not all camping blankets can handle the cold in extreme weather. You need a heavy and warm blanket to keep you cozy. When camping during the summer, the lighter blanket is most ideal. It will only provide necessary warmth when need arises. Also, you should look for the blanket’s type of insulation. Some blankets come with a soft cushioning feather and they provide optimal comfort. You can use these type of blankets in any season provided you get enough warmth. The other type has more synthetic fillers to enable utmost warmth provision in extreme weather. This type is heavy to trap more body heat.

camping blanket reviews

3 Types of Camping Blanket

Just like many camping products, different types of camping blankets exist ranging from waterproof to warmer options. You can choose one depending on your style.

  • Winter Blankets:

    If you are planning to go out camping in snowy and stormy conditions, then a study blanket is the perfect companion. These blankets feature heavy duty materials to withstand the harsh conditions as well as provide sufficient warmth. The blankets are waterproof, wind resistant, fire retardant and well insulated to match the tough exterior conditions. Cold weather camping blankets, on the other hand, bring warmth when the weather gets cold. You will find that most of them are either woolen or have fleece fabric. The above mentioned are tough and good temperature insulators to provide warmth even when they are wet. What’s more, the blankets have high durability to give you long lasting performance.

  • Ultra-light and Compact Blankets:

    If you are looking for a more versatile camping blanket, then this is the perfect option. You can use these blankets in different types of conditions. Their waterproof design makes them usable in moist conditions. Just as the name suggests, they provide portability convenience since they are compact. This type of blankets are small in size meaning, you can only use them in sitting position. If your camping doesn’t involve sleeping, then this is the right type to go for.

  • Space Blankets:

    You have probably seen these blankets in first aid kits to use especially in emergency situations. The blankets feature Mylar material which fold down into smaller sizes to carry anywhere.Learn, how space blankets work.

Camping Blanket Fabrics

camping blanket fabrics and features

  • Cotton:

    Blankets made from cotton fabric provide the most warmth in cold conditions. However, they are not waterproof, which makes them a poor choice for outdoor use in extreme conditions. In addition, the fabric is not fire retardant meaning you can’t use it near fire.

  • Wool:

    this fabric contains fibers that offer perfect insulation to keep you warm in cool conditions. Blankets with woolen fabric will provide warmth even when wet. Also, you can use them near fire since they are 100% fire retardant. On the negative, this fabric is water absorbent which takes long to dry.

  • Nylon and polyester:

    Unlike the cotton blankets, these are waterproof, fire retardant, and the ripstop nylon is resistant to tears. Nylon is lightweight and provides great insulation. However, it will not provide comfort since it’s not as soft as cotton.

  • Polar Fleece:

    This is type of polyester has polyethylene Terephthalate fabric without animal products in it. It works just like woollen and cotton blankets in providing reliable warmth in the cold. The only downside is that it is flammable.

  • Acrylic:

    It is a material featuring a polymer (polyacrylonitrile) that is commonly found in sports clothing. When the body is all sweaty, this type of fabric will pull the moisture from your skin to keep you dry and warm. It is water resistant meaning it doesn’t stain much and is mildew resistant. However, it is highly flammable.It is also an ideal fabric for camping sleeping bags.

  • Mylar:

    It is a shiny aluminum foil-like material that you find in most emergency blankets in first aid kits. This fabric is a great heat insulator and maintains body heat to keep you warm for long. One major disadvantage is that it is flammable.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: Can I use the same blanket I use at home to camp?
    A: No. the blanket at home is strictly for indoor use. If you expose it to the harsh outdoor conditions, then you will get substandard performance.
  2. Q: Are basic washing methods suitable for blankets?
    A: That will depend on the type of fabric of the blanket. Use cold water and soap then hang them to dry. Most fabrics today are suitable to wash in washing machine on low heat.
  3. Q: Which is more expensive, cotton or nylon?
    A: Cotton. They are heavier and warmer to provide unmatched comfort in colder seasons.

Wrap Up

You need to have all the comfort you can get when you are camping in the wilderness or anywhere in the outdoors. You might think that since you are camping in certain conditions like summer season, you don’t need a blanket. However, the weather can change suddenly and you need to be fully equipped for perfect camping. Only the best camping blanket for your needs will provide you with warmth and comfort while camping. Our reviews has important details to ensure you make the right buying decision when it comes to blankets. Camping blankets are essential for any type of camping including the warm season. If you don’t find the need to cover up while camping, you can use the blankets to bring you extra comfort.

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