Best Hammock Straps Of 2020

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Without a doubt, getting an appropriate suspension mechanism is very critical for hammock users. This is because you need it for seamless hanging and secure holding. Did you just get the delivery of your hammock and you found it doesn’t come with straps? You don’t have to worry. This review offers you great options for hammock straps that you can find online.

Are you a camper or hiker? There is a high chance that you have bought a hammock that does not come with a pair of straps. It is not that Amazon or your chosen seller purposely removed the straps. The fact is that some hammocks don’t come with a pair of straps.

When you buy such a hammock, it means that you need to buy the straps separately. So, how do you choose the best hammock straps? What factors do you need to consider when buying hammock straps? Read on to learn more about these.

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Best Overall Hammock Strap

1. Bear Butt Kodiak Hammock Straps

Bear-Butt-Kodiak-Hammock-StrapsWeight: 13 ounces
Material: Polyester webbing
Capacity: up to 1000 lb
Manufacturer: Bear Butt

Bear Butt Kodiak Hammock Straps are heavy-duty with a super suspension system. They are multifunctional, ranging from strapping hammocks for camping, beach, or just to hang in your backyard or patio. The straps are easy and fast to setup. The straps are also eco-friendly and do not need any special stand for the setup. It comes with sturdy carabiners that make for perfect hanging. Everything you need for the installation is available in the package and this includes two extra-large straps, two extra-long metal carabiners, and a portable carrying case. Each strap measures 10ft in length with 20 loops. It can hold up to 1000 pounds.

What we like:
Knotless straps, which is best for new users.
What we don't:
It is relatively heavy, especially for hiking.



Best Heavy Duty Hammock Strap

2. Cajun Heavy Duty Tree Straps

Cajun Tie Downs Hammock StrapsWeight Capacity : 4000 lb
Material :100% Polypropylene
Manufacturer: Cajun Tie Downs

Hammock Straps – Tree Straps with Carabiner are made from 100% polypropylene materials, which make them very durable. You would not have to worry about rot or mildew because it is water-resistant. Its webbing is UV protected and comes with two resin-coated Carabiners measuring 1,200 lb each. These hammock straps can hold up two male adults comfortably without any fear of the rope giving in.

What we like:
UV Protection, Strong and durable
What we don't:
Difficult to adjust but with a little patience, you will get a hang of it.



Best Tree Friendly Hammock Strap

3. Mildlife Tree Swing Hanging Kit

Mildlife-Tree-Swing-Hanging-kitMildlife Tree Swing Hanging Kit is a top choice for new users because it is very easy to use. Within 3 minutes, you will have your hammock strapped and ready to use. It does not require any drilling or screwing, which makes it very eco-friendly. The straps are made of highly durable industrial-grade nylon with the capacity to hold up to about 2000 lbs. It also features high-grade carabiners and stainless steel rings, making it a sturdy choice. Additionally, the straps are weather-resistant and can withstand hot summers and harsh winter.

What we like:
Chemical resistant and easy to clean, Advanced safety features, Tree Friendly.
What we don't:
We are yet to find any.



Best Multiple-Loop Tree Strap

4. Eno – Eagles Nest Outfitters Atlas Chroma Hammock Straps

ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters Atlas Chroma Hammock StrapsMaterial: 1000D Poly-filament webbing
Weight Capacity: 181kg / 400 lbs
Manufacturer: Eagles nest Outfitters

The ENO – Eagles Nest Outfitter Atlas Chrome Straps are compact and lightweight, weighing only 11 ounces. You would not need to worry about carriage because it comes with a portable storage bag that makes it easy to carry around. The straps are made of durable poly-filament webbing and you can use it with any hammock. Each of the two straps is 9ft long with 30 adjustment points and it can hold up to 400 pounds comfortably.

What we like:
Multiple-loop attachment options, The flexibility of use, including on palm trees, rough bark trees, concrete or rock pillars
What we don't:
It is pricey but considering the quality, value, and durability, this might not be a big issue, especially if you are not on a budget.



Other Best Options

5. Grand Trunk Tree Trunk Straps

Grand-Trunk-Tree-Trunk-Straps-Hammock-Suspension-SystemWeight: 12.8 Ounces
Manufacturer: Grand Trunk

The multi-functional hammock tree trunk straps feature lightweight but strong straps and it is compatible with any hammock. It is a great choice for outdoor camping and with its numerous loops and 36 combined adjustment points; you can use it on practically any anchor points. It also has a tree-friendly webbing and daisy chain design that does not require drilling on the tree. You can use the Grand Trunk Tree Trunk Straps anywhere and anytime. Whether it is on a porch post, big tree trunk, or big rocks, the straps are highly flexible.

What we like:
Great color selection, Huge connection loops to perfectly secure your hammock
What we don't:
None found so far.



6. KAMMOK-Python-Hammock Suspension Straps

KAMMOK-Python-Hammock-Suspension-StrapsMaterial: Polyester Tubular Webbing
Weight Capacity: 227kg (500 lbs)
Attachment Points: 18 Daisy-chain points

When you need easy-to-install hammock straps with no complicated or intricate knots, the KAMMOK-Python-Hammock Suspension Straps are one of the top considerations. You can forget about the bulky and heavy traditional straps and opt for these lightweight and durable straps. Each strap is about 15ft in length with 33 connection points, which makes adjustment very easy. Talking of durability, the straps are made of top-grade polyester webbing that guarantees no-stretch hang. It features a simple anchoring system that makes setup an easy task, even for a new user. The straps come with toggle suspension systems and they are compatible with any type of hammock.

What we like:
Features a knotless setup and it is easy and fast to install.
What we don't:
None has been reported.



7. Levi Industrial Tree Hugger Set of 2 Hammock Straps

Levi Industrial Tree Hugger Set of 2 Hammock StrapsDimensions: 8.25 x 4.75 x 2.5 inches
Manufacturer: Levi Innovations
Weight Capacity: 400 Pounds

If there is something we like about these straps, it is the fact that it is eco-friendly. It comes with two hammock straps made of polyester, making them durable and weather-resistant. Each of the straps measures about 8ft in length and will work with just any two trees, irrespective of how far apart they might look. The tree hugger set includes two straps with D-rings, O-rings, and S-hooks. With the D-ring, you don’t have to worry about slippage. It is a sure safety feature for users. It can comfortably take two adults or one adult and two children. Each strap has connection points to enable you to attach your hammock easily to the tree.

What we like:
Lock mechanism that increases safety, Durable and weather-resistant.
What we don't:
None that we have found yet.



8. A AIFAMY Terylene Tree Swing Rope Hammock Hanging Straps

A-AIFAMY-Terylene-Tree-Swing-Rope-Hammock-Hanging-StrapsMaterials: High-tenacity Terylene Rope
Dimensions: 9.98ft combined length

capacity: 440 lbs
Hardware: Two stainless steel spring snap hooks
If you are not interested in the frills and colors but need high-quality and durable hammocks traps, the A AIFAMY Terylene Tree Swing Rope Hammock Hanging Straps is the right choice for you. It is an old-fashioned but beautiful rope swing designed for hanging hammocks or tree swings. The straps are multi-purpose as they are also used in boxing and yoga. It works indoor, outdoor, small areas, and spacious plane. It has two straps with each measuring 9.8ft in length. It also comes with 2 pieces of steel carabiners to give the straps the supports they need. The multi-functionality of the straps makes them compatible with spinner swings, disc swings, tire swings, hammock swings, garden swings, classic tree swings, and more.

What we like:
Easy and simple to use with the capacity to carry up to 200 lbs per strap.
What we don't:
Too simplistic.



9. Tree Swing Hanging Straps 

Tree-Swing-Hanging-Straps-KitManufacturer: WILDJUE
Material: industrial-grade Polyester with the capacity to hold up to 2000 lbs

When you think of quality and safety, the Tree Swing Hanging Straps Kit is a top choice to consider. It features heavy-duty screw-lock carabiners and metal-ringed fabric loops. Each strap is strong, reliable, and sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about possible tears. The quality and strength of the swing straps have been reported to be the same as seat belts. It may interest you to know that each piece can hold up to 2000 lbs. They are extra-long but adjustable. This means that you can wrap them around almost any tree sizes without any damage.

What we like:
Chemical resistant, Safer screen lock brass carabiner
What we don't:
Has only one color – Black.


10. SELEWARE Hammock Straps

SELEWARE-Hammock-StrapsWeight Capacity: up to 1000 lbs
Manufacturer: SELEWARE

You will find many high-quality hammock straps in the market but the SELEWARE Hammock Straps is one of the few premium quality brands that you can buy. They are made of 100% nylon material and ultra-light, ultra-strong swing rope. The straps are meticulously pre-sewn and covered with soft plastic material. These straps are indeed designed for premium safety. The carabiner snap hook is made from lasting anti-rust 304 stainless steel and the heavy-duty rope can be used for any outdoor activities.

What we like:
Flexible and easy-to-tie knots.
What we don't:
It is not lightweight.


Our Criteria for Choosing Best Hammock Strap



Why You Should Trust Us

Our team is very devoted to the comfort and entertainment in the camping areas. Always the first thing to do was to set up the hammock before installing the tent. You can trust this team that has strapped thousands of times..

How We Picked

Our team, which evaluated length, durability, color and many other issues, chose the best ones for you.

How We Tested

The most important thing for a strap is the weight it can carry. That’s why we never compromised on weight tests. Another thing we tested is resistance to friction. You can check our team.



Detail view of a hammock strap connection
Detail view of a hammock strap connection
  1. Versatility

    Hammock straps are designed to be used outdoors. Therefore, it should be flexible enough to adapt to different types of weather. For instance, if you buy a cotton hammock strap, you would not be able to use it in the rainy season because of the dampness in the strap. It will become heavy, tight, and difficult to move during the rainy season.
    Therefore, when choosing your hammock straps, you should consider an option that can adapt to different kinds of weather. It should also be used in a variety of ways and occasions.

  2. Durability

    Whether you are planning a camping trip with friends and family or you an avid hiker, hammocks are one of the integral items you must have. Now, when it comes to hammocks, you should know that they come in different types and durability.

    This is a very important factor when buying hammock straps. Your hammock suspension system should be able to withstand heavy abuse and rigorous conditions. It should be strong enough as not to show any sign of wear and tear. You must understand that durability does not mean only long-lasting. Being durable also means that it is sturdy enough to hold your weight while sleeping on it.
    Therefore, when buying your hammock straps, check out the material that is used for the production. This will let you know its level of durability.

  3. Capacity

    The fact that most hammock straps will work with any hammock does not mean that they are all the same in quality. Hammock straps are not manufactured equally. Some are high-end while some are low-end. Some are of heavy duty while some are not. You should have this in mind when choosing your hammock straps.

    This refers to the weight that the hammock strap is capable of holding up at a time. You must check the recommended weight of the straps before buying it. Make sure that you choose a strap that can carry your weight. If there will be multiple users, ensure that it can carry the combined weight of the users.
    You should check options of double hammock straps that can hold up two persons comfortably at the same time. Some hammock straps can only carry 400 lbs while some can hold up to 1500 lbs. make sure to check the recommended weight capacity before you pay for it.

  4. Weight and Carriage

    If you are looking for hammock straps that will be great for hiking, snowshoe, and backpack, you should consider lightweight options. Although most of the best hammock straps are lightweight, some others are heavyweight. Therefore, you should check the Data of the weight before you make your purchase.
    Additionally, check the carriage space. When you are going camping or hiking, you have a lot to carry and hammock straps should not take up most of the space. To avoid the extra burden that comes with heavy straps, you should always check the space it will occupy.
    Apart from these four critical factors, you should also know about the types of hammock straps available to enable you to make informed decisions.

best hammock straps
Proper tying of the hammock strap

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Having gone through our best hammock straps reviews and buying guide, we hope that you will be able to make the right choice when buying your next hammock strap. Whether you are looking for a budget hammock or an expensive option, you can be sure to find the right fit. As mentioned, ensure you check the products specifications to know how durable, versatile, and flexible they are. For durability, check out the available options based on the potential users.

For instance, you should check for double hammock straps that can hold up two persons comfortably at the same time if you want to share it with a spouse or a friend. Some hammock straps can only carry 400 lbs while some can hold up to 1500 lbs. Make sure to check the recommended weight capacity before you pay for it. We hope that the next time you go shopping for hammock straps; you will be able to make the right decision.

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